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Virginia residents are struggling to keep up with monthly debt payments as interest rates and costs of living rise.

The growing bills have become so overwhelming, many feel stuck and don’t know what to do next.

This led more than 4,800 residents to reach out for help last month.

Most are trying their best to pay debts down, but high interest payments are making it nearly impossible to catch up. Many are concerned bankruptcy will soon be their only option out of debt.

By answering a few simple questions, residents can receive a Virginia Debt Relief Evaluation and find out how much of their personal debt qualifies for relief.

Last month, more than 4,800 Virginia residents reached out.
Each with their own story.
My family has been struggling to keep our heads above water for months, and we are getting to the point we can’t do it anymore.
To be honest I’m scared that I’ll never get out of the debt I am in and declaring bankruptcy will be my only option.
We are absolutely drowning and I don’t know what to do anymore. We simply can’t get ahead.
I wasn't sleeping, I was in a real bad place. I didn't know which way to turn.
I just got tired of making all these monthly payments, and I really wasn't going anywhere. I just felt like maybe I was wasting my money.
It was a struggle to keep up. I just couldn't continue the way it was.

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Our Story

We began in 2007 as a credit education organization – helping individuals and families understand all about personal credit and the wise use of credit. Then, in 2008 a financial crisis hit with cheap, easy-to-obtain credit and lax lending standards that led to a housing bubble that quickly grew out of control. The recession that followed caused many people to lose their savings, and their homes. People began to reach out to us for help, not for credit information, but to cope with overwhelming bills. In response, we first educated ourselves on all aspects of coping with debts including consolidation options as well as DIY self-help steps consumers can take on their own. Now, through educating individuals and families on consolidation options, free DIY resources through Project Debt Box, and providing information and access to hardship assistance and social services for those in the most difficult of situations, we now support a community committed to encourage, empower, and inspire each other.

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